Welcome to English

Dear Parents,

It is a great privilege for me to have the opportunity to lead a team of talented, professional and dedicated staff who aim to create a school in which every pupil will flourish in a caring, happy environment.

We have high expectations of every one of our children. Having obtained the Cambridge certification, and looking forward to having other international certifications, our main goal is to teach children to take responsibility for their actions, their environment, and most importantly, for their learning.

Children are taught the values that help them become confident, resilient and caring individuals and successful members of society. Teachers harness children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn, making learning stimulating and enjoyable. We support all children at an individual level, whatever their learning strengths and needs. As our lema says, “Minds with knowledge, hearts with love.”

We strongly believe in the importance of developing a supportive partnership between home and school. This is essential if children are to achieve their full potential and to grow as individuals. Working together, we can help your child to develop the skills that they will need in later life. We want all of our children to be happy, confident learners and to aim high!

These and many other objectives will make our year more effective and efficient. When a team works united they are able to accomplish more than its individual members can do alone focused on the same goals, working on the same problem.

Head of English Department


Our objectives

Here are some of the objectives set for this year in order to achieve our goals:

To incorporate ICTs (Information and Communications Technology) in the classroom providing the opportunity for teachers and students to be closer to the real use of technological resources and getting the benefits of new technology in language learning.
To engage in activities focused on the development of PSP (Social Productive Project), taking into account the English language teaching project, encouraging students and parents to participate in school life.
To have international evaluations certifying the level of our students and always focused on improving.


Equipo Humano Ingles